The Top U.S. Migration Pattern? New Yorkers Moving to Florida

The Top U.S. Migration Pattern?  New Yorkers Moving to Florida!

Many people are moving across state boundaries, and migration patterns are growing fairly common in some areas, according to a new analysis of census data from Porch, a home improvement resource.

In total number of relocators over the past five years, the most (33,391) moved from New York to Florida. A number of New Jersey residents also moved, and while most made a short trip across the border to Pennsylvania, 16,1981 headed to the Sunshine State – and at the same time, 12,571 Pennsylvanians headed south to Florida.

Outbound Michigan residents (8,820) and Illinois residents (7,875) also predominately headed to Florida.

In other migrations, Californians who leave likely relocate to Texas. In the past five years, an average of more than 25,000 people left California for Texas, likely drawn to the booming tech industries and lower housing costs.

As a percentage of a state’s total population, however, Washington, D.C., North Dakota and Wyoming saw the highest influx of residents moving in from other states, according to the analysis. Alaska saw the most residents moving away.

Relocating most often appeals to young employees, as the study found millennials were the highest percentage of people crossing state borders.

Source: “American Migration: Exploring Where People Move Across America,” (July 2018)


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